How to Transfer Files to PC Without Cable?

FTP server, which stands for file transfer protocol, is used to exchange files between devices connected to the same wireless network. With FTP server, it is possible for clients to download and upload files from the server. So how is FTP used?

We can use ShareMe application to realize wireless file transfer. You can download the ShareMe app from here.

ShareMe: File sharing
ShareMe: File sharing
Developer: Xiaomi Inc.
Price: Free

First of all, your computer and phone must be connected to the same network. Now let’s go to the steps.

How to Transfer Files Without Usb

We enter the ShareMe application and select the option to Share to PC from the three dots in the upper right.

Then we click Start button at the bottom and run FTP server.

The output address is the address of our FTP server. We will enter the resulting address into the computer’s file manager.

The operations on the phone are finished, now let’s move on to the computer.

We enter the address given by ShareMe in the file explorer on the computer.

That’s it, the files on the phone appear as if we are connected by cable.

When the file transfer is finished, we can stop the FTP server from the ShareMe application and exit the application.

With this method, you can transfer your files phone to the computer, computer to the phone easily.

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