How to Find MIUI ROM Region

Xiaomi’s MIUI has multiple regions its based on (Global, China, etc.), that depend on where the device is being sold in. In order to update your device manually, you will need to know what the region is.

Depending on your MIUI ROM’s region, some apps or settings may be different, and you may receive updates earlier, or later than other regions. To update a Xiaomi phone manually, you’ll need to learn what region the firmware is based on. For information on what other differences can occur, here to read our article on it!

Here are the steps to follow for checking what region your MIUI ROM is based on!

How to find MIUI region from MIUI version

  • Open your settings.
  • Tap on “About phone”.
  • Check the MIUI version section

The letter combination in your MIUI version line (In our example, it’s ‘TR’ [Turkey].), identifies the region the firmware is based on. You can check the region code (and other codes) by looking at this graph from our Telegram post about this topic. If you want to keep reading this article instead, here are the region codes and the country they’re based on as a list.

Region Codes

These are the 4th and 5th characters in the ROM code.

Unlocked variants

  • CN – China
  • MI – Global
  • IN – India
  • RU – Russia
  • EU – Europe
  • ID – Indonesia
  • TR – Turkey
  • TW – Taiwan

Carrier-only variants

  • LM – Latin America
  • KR – South Korea
  • JP – Japan
  • CL – Chile

Beta Versions

If your version number is similar to “22.x.x”, and ends with .DEV, the region its based on is China. For example, here’s a beta version:

Find your region code from this list, and now you know what region your MIUI version is based on! Have fun flashing or updating, you can download your MIUI firmware from our app, MIUI Downloader!

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