How to Get Android 11 Power Menu in Android 12

So as we all know, with Android 12, Android 11 Power Menu has removed. Google introduced many changes in both software and security for all Android devices that will get Android 12. Meanwhile this is a good thing, some users started to complain about these changes as some of them were odd and bad looking. In this article, we will show you how to get the power menu of Android 11 back again on Android 12. This process requires a rooted device with Android 12.

classic power menu

Classic Power Menu

As the name pretty much explains it, this app’s point is bringing back the better looking Android 11 style power menu back to Android 12, as Google pretty much ruined the power menu in Android 12.

How to set it up and use it

As the app is pretty simple and small, it’s setup process is small as well. Here’s how to setup the app in pretty few steps.

setup 1

  • Press “Get Started” button located in the bottom.
  • The app will ask for root access, as it needs that to work with functions like rebooting, or powering off the device. Grant the root access.

setup 2

  • Once you gave the root access, the app will ask for accessibility service access. This permission is needed so that the app can overwrite the power menu of Android 12.
  • Give the accessibility permission to the app.

setup 3

  • And after that, the app will ask for Quick Wallet and Device Controls option, as they did exist on power menu of Android 11. This step is your preference, depends on if you’re going to use them or not.

  • And with that, we’re done! You can configure other options such as adding more buttons to the power menu and such. Whenever you open the power menu, from now on you will see the Android 11 power menu as the app overwrites it.
Android 11 Power Menu and Android 12 Power Menu
Android 11 Power Menu and Android 12 Power Menu

As you can see in the comparison before and now, the better looking Android 11 style power menu is now there instead of bad looking Android 12 style one.

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