How to Make Android Smoother?

Need a faster Android? Tired of waiting for your phone to do stuff? Then read the article, and you can find an answer to the question How to Make Android Smoother? This article will cover some of the best hacks and tricks that you can use to get the best performance out of your smartphone. 

As your phone starts to get sluggish and slow, it could get annoying, and you might be thinking about changing your phone. Before doing that, keep in mind that you can use a few tips and tricks to get a little more performance and speed back out of it to make it perform like new again. 

Why Is My Phone So Slow and Lagging?

A lagging and slow-running smartphone makes our life difficult. There can be many reasons your phone is slow and lagging, but do not worry; we will explain the ‘’How to Make Android Smoother?’’ question in this article. Our smartphones are like mini-computer in our lives, which means they suffer from many of the same difficulties as PCs. Here are a few reasons why your phone is slow and lagging. 

  • Running too many programs or apps.
  • Getting too hot.
  • Using an out-of-date operating system.
  • Having too little storage space.
  • Having an aging battery.

Tips and Tricks to Make Android Smoother

These are maybe the reasons why your smartphone is slow, but How to Make Android Smoother? Let’s try to fix these problems by explaining every detail in the following thread.

Update your Device

The first thing you need to do to ensure getting the best performance possible out of your device is to make sure it is updated. If there is an available Android update on your phone, you need to install that. We have an article about the comparison of latest Android update, go and check out if you have not updated phone yet. That will give you performance boosts and help to speed things up as well. If there is a particular app that you are noticing that it is starting to chug, make sure that it is also up to date. 

Try Custom ROM

If these are not an option, there is something else to do. You can install a custom ROM, an alternative to the official operating system and firmware that your phone’s manufacturer provides. It usually comes from the open-source community with a significant performance upgrade, and it has lots of cool features, but it does carry some risks. If you get it wrong, there is a slight chance of breaking your device. One custom ROM to check out: Android Revolution HD.

Clear Up Your Home Screen

If you have slow performance while browsing, do not forget to clean up your home screen. Make sure that you do not have unnecessary feeds from the apps. Turn off all that and make sure that your home screen is just one screen with a few icons on it. Your smartphone will be much quicker to use. 

Switch Off the Animations 

This is the old trick that most of you already know. You can switch off the animations or turn them down. Go to the developer options on your phone and turn off the animations such as window resizing and opening and closing; it will help speed things up because there is no need to play any animation. 

Turn on Data Saving

If you want to improve your speed while browsing, turn on data saving on Chrome. Data saving compresses things like images and videos before showing them on your browser. It also helps pages to load more quickly.

Clear out Your Cache

One of the most known options for improving the user interface experience is to clear out your cache, so the cache is a space your device uses to store files and settings that it might need later. The idea is to improve performance by providing information very quickly, ready to access rather than having to be loaded from the beginning each time. You can remove cached data individually by going to your setting menu, finding app info and storage, and clearing the cache. 

Disable Google Assistant

The Google Assistant sometimes takes too much time and strains the phone because it always works in the background. You can end this by disabling the background functionality of the Google Assistant to speed up your Android smartphone. Go to the settings, click the Google Assistant and turn off the Hey Google and Voice Match feature. 

All of these tips and tricks are useful to make your Android smoother. We tried to explain every detail of How to Make Android Smoother? If you try these tips and tricks, please share the results with us.

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