How to pass SafetyNet?

Safetynet don’t passing is problem for many users. Usually you can’t download Netflix or some apps on Google Play Store. Bank apps can pop-up warnings even if you don’t have root. Because your devices bootloader is unlocked. In this article you will learn hot to pass Safetynet on Magisk-v23 and Magisk-v24.1. If you don’t have a problem with Safetynet, don’t change anything. You can chech with Safetynet checker.

Reasons of Can’t Passing Safetynet

  1. Unlocked bootloader
  2. Not applying Magisk hide or Zygisk
  3. Some modules can broke your Safetynet
  4. Mismatched security patch

Passing Safetynet on Magisk-v24.1

Open Magisk manager and look the Zygisk text. If it’s no, firstly enable it. Tap the settings icon on top right and slide down little bit. You will see “Zygisk” and “Enable Denylist” section. Enable Zygisk and Enforce Denylist section. And tap “Configure Denylist” button.

After that you will see your apps. Find and Select Google Play Services. And enable all sections.

After enabling, restart your device. And check Safetynet via Safetynet checker. If Safetynet passing, result must be like first photo. If not passing, result will be like second photo.

Flashing Universal Safetynet fix module (Zygisk)

If hiding Google Play services don’t working, you can try universal Safetynet fix module. Thanks to kdrag0n for that. You must have Magisk-v24.1 or later Magisk version for use Zygisk version of that module. If you have Magisk-v23, look bottom of article.

Passing Safetynet on Magisk-v23

Passing Safetynet on Magisk-v23 too almost same with Zygisk. But they have differences. First Tap the settings icon on top right. And slide down little bit again and this time, you will see Magisk hide section. Enable it and go back.

After that tap the shield icon then you will see Magisk hide tab. Tap on it, and enable all sections of Google Play Services. And flash Riru Core module but don’t reboot. Go back and flash kdrag0n’s Safetynet fix. Kdrag0n’s Safetynet fix is required for most of phones if you are using Magisk-v23 or earlier.And don’t forget removing modules causing broke Safetymet. Then restart your phone and check Safetynet.

You can pass Safetynet via using these methods. And you can download Netflix and etc. from Google Play Store. Bank apps too won’t pop-up warnings.

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