How to remove Mi Account?

Mi Account is specific for Xiaomi. Actually that account is not required. But if you want unlock bootloader you must have a Mi account. And also if your device has a Mi account when you do factory reset the phone will ask your Mi account’s password. So think twice before doing factory reset. If you are going to sell your Xiaomi phone, should you remove the Mi account so that the person you will sell does not have the same problem.

What is Mi Account?

What is mi account? Mi account is a platform that allows you to manage your Xiaomi devices and accessories. With mi account, you can access exclusive offers, register for events, update your profile information, and more. Whether you’re using a Xiaomi phone, tablet, smartwatch, or other device, mi account makes it easy to stay connected and get the most out of all of your Xiaomi products.

Removing Mi account

Firstly go to settings and tap your Mi Account. Mi Account tab’s place is depends on the ROM’s region. In China ROM, top of the settings. In Global ROM bottom of the settings.

Then scroll down little bit. You will see “sign out” button, tap on it. It will sign out your Mi account. Some accounts will ask your password for signing out. If you are facing that just enter your password. It will sign out from your account. Then you will see keep and remove sections for Mi account datas. If you want Mi account data such as backed up photos, emails to stay on the device, press the keep button, if you don’t, press the remove button.

If you signed out successfully you won’t see you account top of the settings. You can see just “Sign in to Mi Account” text.

Mi Account removal through website

  • Enter your account details.

  • Tap settings.

  • Select the device you will sign out of Mi Account under “My Devices”.

  • Click “Delete device”.

  • Click “Delete”.

Thats it! you have successfully signed out from your Mi account. If you lost your password go to and click “forgot password ?” button. Then type your mail/phone/mi account. Then site will send a code to your mobile phone number. Enter the code and set new password. And take a backup of your password.

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