How to start Shizuku both rooted and non-rooted ways

Shizuku is an app/service that gives higher permissions to the other apps instead of what normally Android gives, and allows for more possibilities to the all apps both with and without root. In this article we will show you both ways to start Shizuku with some easy steps.

Non-Rooted way to start Shizuku



  • Download the Shizuku app.
  • Open Settings.
  • Open Developer options.
  • Turn on “Wireless debugging”.
  • When it asks you to confirm, allow it.
  • Open Shizuku.
  • Tap Pair to start pairing.
  • Tap “Developer Options”.
  • Go to the Wireless debugging section.
  • Choose “Pair device with pairing code”.
  • Memorize the code that shows up.
  • Open notification panel.
  • Enter the code that you memorized.
  • Then the Shizuku service will start.
  • Go back to Shizuku and tap “Start”.

And that’s it! Shizuku service now has been started.

If you have a device that is below Android 11 or don’t have Wi-Fi but you’re rooted, follow the guide below.

Rooted way to start Shizuku


  • A rooted phone


  • Download and open the Shizuku app.
  • Tap “Start” on the Start with root category.
  • Allow the root permission when Shizuku asks for it.
  • And that’s it!

That’s how you start Shizuku in both rooted and rootless ways by doing simple steps.


Shizuku doesn’t start with wireless debugging

  • That is probably because of you entered wrong code on the code entry step. Try again.

Shizuku service gets killed often, what do I do?

  • That’s probablt because of your device’s software is keep trying to kill the app and it’s service. Add Shizuku app to whitelist on the battery saver so that it won’t get killed by the software.

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