How to uninstall Magisk Modules if it caused bootloop?

As you know Magisk Modules are indispensable for us. But we can get bootloop after installing a module. In this case, you do not need to panic and reset your device completely. Because you can delete the module folder on your system using TWRP or PC. If you don’t have PC, isn’t problem you can use TWRP either to.

How can we uninstall modules after bootloop via TWRP ?

  • Firstly reboot to TWRP. If you don’t know how can you enter recovery mode follow this article. Then tap “Advanced” tab. Then tap “File Manager” tab.

  • After that you will see your system files. Find the “data” folder in your system files and tap on it. After that, find “adb” folder and tap on it too.


  • After that, you will see files of Magisk. Modules and Magisk core files and etc. Tap “modules” folder here. Then you will see all of your Magisk modules. Tap the module folder of causing bootloop for you. If you don’t know the module causing bootloop, delete all modules like this article. After that, tap the button on right-bottom.

  • Then you will see the actions you can do to this folder. Tap the “delete” section and slide to right the slider. Then you will see 2 sections. tap the “Reboot System” section.

How can we uninstall modules after bootloop via PC ?

In this way, we will do same thing. But we will use PC. Why should we use a PC instead of TWRP? Because some TWRP’s touch screen not working. Users encountering this error can use PC.

  • Install latest ADB drivers and open CMD via Win+r typing “cmd”. Then boot your phone into TWRP.
  • Connect the phone to PC using a solid cable. Then type “adb shell”. With this command, you will enter the root of system.
  • Then type “rm -rf /data/adb/modules” and press enter. This command deletes all modules in your phone. If you know what module causing bootloop, you can to indicate that module’s folder.

  • Also you can use “magisk –remove-modules” instead of “rm -rf /data/adb/modules” command. Two commands have same functionality but if you want to delete specific module use “rm -rf /data/adb/modules/<module folder>”

You can fix the bootloop issue after flashing a Magisk module with this article. Read the commands carefully because if you type a different command you can delete the system files. In this case your device can be brick fully. After that you can flash all Magisk modules without fear of bootloop issue.

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