How to use second space feature on Xiaomi

Sometimes phone users needs multiple accounts, or a seperate space that is named second space on their phones to keep the apps away from accessing your main stuff. This is possible on Xiaomi devices thanks to MIUI as it has this feature, and we will explain how to use it now.

Guide to enable second space

It’s easy to enable it, just follow the steps below.

Video guide

Xiaomi does give a quick demo on how to enable it. You can the video below.

Step by step guide

Although Xiaomi does give a guide, it’s only around 20 seconds and short. This section of the article shows you how to enable it step by step.

Open control center, and enter settings. You can use the icon on your home screen as well to do this.

Find “Special features”. Once you found it, tap on it.

On here, choose second space. It might be also under “Additional settings” depending on your MIUI version.

On here, just tap “Go to second space”. This will launch you onto the second space.

How to leave second space

To leave second space, there will be an icon on your homescreen called “switch spaces”. Just tap onto that, and it will launch you back to your main system after that.


Can the second space apps access my main system?

  • No, as Xiaomi made sure of that. When you use the second space feature, it locally creates another internal storage for the second space apps and doesn’t let the apps access the main one.

Does this save me from malwares?

  • Malwares are designed to mess around with system files. Althougb it might save you if you’re quick enough to switch back to main sytem and deactive second space, it might not protect you off.

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