How to use Voice Changer on Xiaomi devices?

Xiaomi adds features to Game Turbo to improve gaming experience. Voice changer, changing the resolution in games, changing the anti aliasing setting, changing the maximum FPS value, performance or saving mode etc. contains many features. Also you can adjust the brightness without using quick settings. You can start video quickly, and you can take screenshots quickly too. There’s even macro assignment, which is not common on phones. But, today you will learn using Voice changer.

How to use Voice changer in Game Turbo?

  • Firstly you need to enable Game Turbo for use Voice changer. Enter the security app and find Game Turbo section.
  • In Game Turbo, you will see settings icon on top-right. Tap on it and enable Game Turbo.
  • Now, you are ready to use Voice changer. All you need open up a game. After opening game, you will see a transparent stick left side on she screen. Swipe it to left.
  • Then Game Turbo’s menu will appear. Tap Voice changer in this menu.
  • If you are using Voice changer for first time, it will ask for permission. Allow it.
  • Then you are ready to trying demos. Try a demo and choose the voice mode that suits you.

As you can see it has 5 different voice mode.  You can make prank to your friends using girl and woman voice. You can find the best voice for you via trying demo mode for 10 seconds. Also you can install new Game Turbo 5.0 via following this article (only for global ROMs). What features would you like added to Game Turbo? Specify in the comments, Xiaomi maybe give a surprise.

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