HyperOS screenshot revealed — first review

While announcing the of MIUI 15, Xiaomi suddenly did something different and announced that HyperOS and it would be released instead of MIUI. For the last 2 years, it has been rumored that an operating system called MiOS would out instead of MIUI. However, we knew that the name MiOS was not a real name. Today, on October 17, HyperOS was officially announced. Lei Jun published a photo with Xiaomi 14 in his hand. The Xiaomi 14 device in this photo also has HyperOS installed.

In this photo shared by Lei Jun, a Xiaomi device with a test device case appears in his hand. This device also shows the installation screen of the HyperOS operating system. The installation screen is quite simple. The Xiaomi HyperOS logo and a start button are visible here. Since the tests of the Xiaomi 14 were also conducted with MIUI 15, of course HyperOS will be based on Android. Xiaomi doesn’t do Android tests even if it is going to give up Android.

HyperOS’s setup screen is simpler, it looks like a completely different operating system. Even the arrow button that Xiaomi has been using for years has changed. We think Xiaomi’s general design lines will change completely. HyperOS will definitely not feel like MIUI.

HyperOS will be introduced with Xiaomi 14. The fact that MIUI, which we have been using for years, will not receive any more updates really upsets us. Will HyperOS be able to break the taboo of Xiaomi’s bug-ridden operating system?

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