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How to install Google Play Store on Chinese Android phone

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Install Google Play Store on Chinese is most important thing in China. Even the brands that were not involved in it has been affected. Ever since then, Chinese Android devices tend to lack certain parts of Google apps, or even completely in certain cases. MIUI for instance does not come with Google Play Store app, but has the base framework of it built into the system. Huawei on the other hand completely lacks it. When this is the case, users require solutions to this problem and the solution lies within this content.

Install Google Play Store on Chinese Phones

Since users cannot just install the Google Play Store APK file and be done with it, as that will never work, several apps came up in the market to install it for you with usually one single tap. Not to mention that GApps packages have always been out there as another alternative to have Google apps in your system. In the app front, you can try Google Installer 3.0 app to fix this. Install the application from the link below:

google play store

Once you have installed it, open the app and tap on the big rounded blue button that says Install. It will download all the required elements one by one and after each download, it will refer you to the package installer in your system to install it. Once it is done, you are ready to use Play Store.

Another way is to download and flash GApps zip however, this is a more advanced solution as it requires that you install a custom recovery to your device. If you do have a custom recovery, you can proceed. Click the link down below:


google play store

And once the website is open, select your platform, Android version and the GApps variant you wish to have. After the download, go into your custom recovery and simply flash it. The Open Gapps Project does not support Android 12 currently so you may want to look for a different project such as FlameGApps and so on.

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