Install Third Party Themes in EMUI

Third Party Theme on EMUI refers to the themes that a user can select for their EMUI system instead of the themes officially recognized in theme store. Whilst EMUI systems come with a variety of themes in its theme store, users are also able to customize their device further with third party themes that are on the internet. Third party themes allow users to personalize their device in a variety of ways, from changing the color palette to adding a custom wallpaper.

How to Install Third Party Theme on EMUI

HUAWEI allows users a wide range of personalization in EMUI. Theme developers can create and allow users to use a lot of different themes without depending on the official or officially recognized themes. It is possible to change app icons, fonts, a color, backgrounds, and more in the EMUI. The third party theme on EMUI has the hwt extension and is created with Theme Studio.

In order to install and use the third party theme on EMUI:

  • Download whatever theme you wish to use on your phone.
  • Paste the downloaded theme into the Internal Storage/Huawei/Themes location.
  • Launch Themes app and tap Themes section.
  • Apply the theme you downloaded.

And that’s how easy it’s to install third party themes. EMUI is quite a visual and feature rich system just like MIUI. If you wish to see the most outstanding features in both systems in comparison, we recommend you check out our Xiaomi or Huawei — 3 outstanding features content.

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