Xiaomi or Huawei — 3 outstanding features

Xiaomi and Huawei became the most successful smartphones in the world. The most important reason for that is the battery and interface. What sets these two phones apart from other phones is their diversity. In addition to the wide variety of models, the fact that they are cheap is the biggest reason why these two phones are loved. This makes us ask this question, which one is better Xiaomi or Huawei?

Both phone cameras have slow motion, panorama, time-lapse panorama, 50x zoom, and many more features. They are also pretty fast in terms of interface, and its batteries provide a very long usage time. Let’s look at both of the phones’ features to make a decision on ‘’Which one is better Xiaomi or Huawei?’’ question.


The interface of Xiaomi phones is quite fast. It is very easy to switch from one application to another. You can have a very pleasant experience with Xiaomi smartwatches. With the Xiaomi smartwatch, you connect to your phone, you can do many things such as your heart rate, the number of steps you take, your notifications, and call forwarding. Let’s look at the features of Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Floating Windows

Since the arrival of MIUI 13, the Asian smartphone brand has introduced the possibility of placing a floating notification with an application, that is, a function that opens a window with said application in miniature.

Measure your heart rate

Some smartphones, such as the Xiaomi mi 11, have a built-in heart rate detection feature in the fingerprint reader. This means you can measure your heartbeat.

The toolbox

One of the functions that we will normally find on all smartphones of the company is the Video Toolbox. A feature that can be launched by simply swiping your finger from one edge while a video is playing.


On Huawei phones, switching between apps is pretty fast. The sound quality of the phones is quite high. In this way, you will have a nice listening experience. The camera of Huawei phones is quite advanced. In this way, you can zoom very far distances. Some Huawei phones have a glass back, and it presents a very beautiful view. Unfortunately, there is no Google app on the phone. For this reason, a service developed by them is used. Let’s look at the features of Huawei.

Internet power

Internet power is quite important. Both Wi-Fi and cellular network are quite strong. For this reason, it is highly preferred over other phones as the main power.

Find my device

One of the highlights of Huawei phones is find my device. When the user turns on this feature, when he forgets where he put his phone, he can easily find it thanks to this feature. The phone rings by itself until it is found.

Which one is better Xiaomi or Huawei?

The specifications of the two phones are close to each other. The fact that Google is not on Huawei phones is a really big factor. On the other hand, Xiaomi phones can use Google and Google apps.

Their cameras are pretty close to each other. The weights of the two phones are almost the same. The gaming experience on Xiaomi phones is better than on Huawei phones. While the phone’s heating and freezing after warming are less common on Xiaomi phones, it is more common on Huawei phones, and this information makes us ask the question again: Which one is better, Xiaomi or Huawei?

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