Interesting Smartphone Inventions! Very Rare and Unique Features

As you know, technology is developing day by day. Every manufacter makes interesting smartphone inventions everyday. Projects and new inventions made to make people’s lives easier. This also applies to the telephone industry. Big phone brands are in a race to offer people a more convenient and improved phone experience. Alright, what are the most interesting and useful inventions that should be in every phone and ever made? If you’re curious, let’s get started.

Active Edge

Google is the owner of this useful invention. This invention, which was first introduced with the Pixel 2 series, allows you to give commands by squeezing the edges of your phone.

Active Edge Technology

The working logic of this feature, which comes with Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL devices introduced in 2017, is as follows; There are sensors on the bottom edges of the phone, when you squeeze the phone, the sensors are activated and the Active Edge feature has worked. It gives you easy access to Google Assistant on Pixel devices. You can enter the assistant by squeezing your phone in one move and give commands easily.

Unfortunately, this useful smartphone inventions has been abandoned on Pixel 5 and later devices. It’s actually a very useful feature that we can say “It should be on all phones”.

Fingerprint on Display

Here is another useful technology. Before 2018, we could have said that such a thing was impossible, but we saw that it was not. There is a FOD (fingerprint-on-display). We first saw this technology on VIVO APEX device at the MWC 2018. And we first saw it with Mi 8 Explorer (ursa) and Mi 8 Pro (equuleus) devices from Xiaomi.

Fingerprint On Display Technology
Fingerprint On Display Sensor While Action

Most of the FOD scanners we’ve seen so far are optical scanners. These use some light to illuminate your finger. A small camera at the bottom of the screen then takes an image of your finger and then compares it to the stored image. Later, ultrasonic sensors were used, and they are available in most flagship devices today. Ultrasonic sensors work by using ultrasound to create an image of your fingerprint.

It’s a very useful invention and we don’t need to say “rare”, it already exists. It’s available on most flagship devices nowadays.

Motion Sense – Most Interesting Smartphone Inventions

Imagine giving commands to your phone with a few hand gestures you make remotely. Isn’t it perfect? Actually, this is available. Motion Sense technology introduced by Google with Pixel 4/XL devices is exactly for this. This is the most interesting smartphone inventions in nearly years.

Motion Sense Technology
Motion Sense Settings

Soli Radar sensors on the front camera are there to detect movements. You enable this feature in the settings on your Pixel device. The device can detect you remotely. You can do a lot of things with hand gestures. Play or pause song, mute an incoming call, stop alarm etc. Handshake gestures are enough for commands.

Unfortunately, Google abandoned this technology as well. This feature hasn’t been added to Pixel devices after Pixel 4/XL. It’s actually a useful technology, and it’s missing from most devices today. We don’t know why Google abandoned it.

CUP (Camera Under-Panel) Technology

Most phone brands want to get rid of the space taken up by the front camera. A true full-screen experience will engage users. Many things have been tried for this. Notched screens, waterdrop screens, center-corner camera designs, even pop-up cameras. The pop-up camera design is nice for a full-screen experience, but it’s a bit costly and not a good solution in the long run.

Well imagine the camera under the screen, isn’t it amazing? Yes, Xiaomi is the first phone brand to achieve this. Recently introduced Xiaomi MIX 4 5G (odin) device has CUP (camera under-panel) technology.

If you remember, the Xiaomi MIX 4 5G (odin) device was introduced towards the end of 2021. There is a selfie camera under the screen of the device. And MIX 4’s screen has an area of 400ppi, which Xiaomi describes as “almost invisible” and this is rare in smartphone inventions. In this way, when you want to take a selfie, that area can be invisible and takes perfect photos. You can learn more about this invention in our article here.

Nice solution for full screen experience. In the coming days, other phone companies may try to do this. We expect good news.

Foldable Phones

Devices that are growing day by day create difficulties in our daily life. Sometimes we have difficulty carrying giant devices, sometimes they do not fit in the pocket. Imagine being able to fold the device in such a case. Nice solution. Another strange invention of recent times is foldable phones. At first, you may think of old foldable phones. this is a little different. Samsung is the first company to achieve this. The Samsung Galaxy Fold device made a big splash in 2019.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

The device could be folded in half from the middle. When you try to bend a phone in the middle, device’s screen usually breaks. It had a specially made screen for this. Screen can be folded without breaking.

Samsung is leading the foldable phone technology. There are foldable phone series called Z Fold and Z Flip. Foldable phone move by Xiaomi came in 2021. Mi MIX Fold (cetus) device is Xiaomi’s first and currently the only foldable device. The device folds lengthwise just like the Galaxy Fold. It has a huge 8.01″ FHD+ (1860×2480) 90Hz Foldable AMOLED display. You can find device specifications here.

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