MediaTek collaborates with Nvidia to include an Nvidia GPU on their flagship chipset!

New rumors suggest that MediaTek and Nvidia are collaborating to incorporate an Nvidia GPU into one of MediaTek’s flagship chipsets. This partnership aims to enhance not only Android devices but also boost the development of Windows on ARM (WOA).

We know that Windows on ARM works on many Snapdragon chipsets, but we cannot say that it offers a stable experience. If the integration of an Nvidia GPU on a MediaTek processor proves successful, it could significantly improve the future of Windows on ARM.

Nvidia GPU on MediaTek chipset

MediaTek has recently made significant strides in the CPU domain, exemplified by the MediaTek Dimensity 9200 chipset, which competes with flagship Snapdragon chipsets. As for the GPU, it remains an intriguing question as to how MediaTek will leverage Nvidia’s technology.

Devices running Windows on ARM face challenges in terms of stability and performance. The processors lack sufficient power, and the GPU is incompatible with many applications on Windows’s ARM version. The rumors suggest that MediaTek and Nvidia partnership will not result in a single GPU, Nvidia may announce a couple different GPUs for MediaTek as flagship, mid-range and entry-level.

The rumors are circulating on the web while the exact timeline for the inclusion of the Nvidia GPU in MediaTek chipsets remains uncertain. What are your thoughts on the MediaTek and Nvidia GPU? Please comment down below!


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