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Mijia Pen is here because in this day and age many of us tend to write our documents on a digital file. However, from time to time you might have to use a pen to sign documents, write, sketch or even do some pen tricks. Especially when you are in an environment where it would not be more practical to use a computer, writing with a pen might be a better option. In this case, you may want to use a pen that is comfortable to use and that writes with a good flow. If these are qualities that you want from a pen, you might want to check out Mijia Pen.

When you are looking to get a high quality pen that is also fairly affordable Mijia Pen can provide you with the level of quality that you want. Because it is a very well designed and highly functional pen that is also not very expensive. In this review we are going to take a look at this product’s features starting with its specs. Then we will examine its design and check out its price. Also we will answer some important questions about this product and learn what its user reviews are like. By checking out this review you can have an idea on whether this is a product that is worth checking out or not.

Mijia Pen Technical Specs

If you are thinking about getting Mijia Pen, it can be a good idea to take a quick look at its specs first. Because technical specs such as the pen’s size, weight as well as its materials can be very important factors to consider. When buying a new pen, you will probably want it to be around the size that makes it easy and comfortable for you to use. Then materials can affect the comfort that a pen provides when writing as well.

Aside from specs like size of the whole pen, its weight and materials, the type and size of the tip can be important, too. Because what the tip of the pen is like and how big it is can affect the flow when writing. Lastly, another important factor to consider in terms of specs of a pen is the type of ink that it uses as well as how long the ink can last. In the following sections we are going to check out all these factors for this pen and you will get to see if it fits the standards you want.

Size and Weight

In terms of the specs of a pen, one of the first things to take a look at is its size. Because the size of a pen can greatly impact its functionality and how much comfort it can provide while writing. Besides, this is also the first thing that many people check out since it is a fairly noticeable factor.

Mijia Pen is fairly average in terms of both length and diameter. To be specific, it is 143 mm long and it has a diameter of 9.5 mm. So in inches, the pen is roughly around 5.62 inches long and has a diameter of around 0.37 inches. With its average size, the pen can provide a comfortable writing experience for many users. Also the product weighs around 19.8 grams and has a nice feel to it.


While the size and weight of a pen can impact the writing experience, another factor that can affect this is the materials used in making the pen. Therefore, if you are looking for a pen that can offer a comfortable writing experience, it is a good idea to check out its materials first.

In terms of its materials, Xiaomi Mijia Pen can be a great choice for many users. Although the outside of the pen is made out of plastic, ABS to be specific, it feels nice and comfortable to use. Then the pen has a copper tube inside, which is why the pen is kinda heavy despite its small size. Also it has a metal clip which also adds to the weight of the pen.

Tip Size and Type

As the specs that we have mentioned in the previous sections affect how comfortable the pen is to use, the size and type of its tip can affect how it writes. Therefore, we can say that it is important to get a pen with the kind of tip that you want. Because it can impact whether it writes with a good level of flow or not.

Mijia Pen is a rollerball pen and it has tungsten carbide ball bead as its tip. With this kind of a pen, it provides a nice level of ink flow. Moreover, it doesn’t need too much pressure to write, which makes it a rather comfortable pen. Then the size of the pen’s tip is 0.5 mm.

Ink Type and Writing Lifespan

Another important factor to look at with pens in terms of specs is the ink type. Because just like the other factors that we have talked about, it can affect its performance. With Mijia Pen, you will be getting a high quality refill section as well as a nice type of ink.

Firstly, the refill section of the pen is made by a Swiss company. Then the ink is Mikuni ink from Japan. In terms of both of these factors, this pen is fairly high quality. The ink that this pen uses allows it to write with a deep and strong color. Also, according to some sources the writing length of the pen can be more than 400m, which is quite a lot. As far as the pen’s total lifespan, the pen gets a 50.000 rotation life test and is fairly durable.

In What Ways Can Mijia Pen Make Your Life Easier?

Of course, taking a look at a pen’s technical specs can be a good idea before buying it. Meanwhile, just like when buying anything, what actually matters is how the pen can make things easier for you. So you might be wondering how Mijia Pen can make your daily life easier and better.

Basically, this is a fairly comfortable to use pen that has a smooth writing. If you spend a lot of time writing things by hand, it may be a useful product for you. Because with this pen, you can get a level of comfort that is quite good when writing. Also, the pen lasts for quite some time before having to switch the refill cartridge.

Can I Find Refill For Mijia Pen?

After using this pen for some time, you can start to like the way it feels when writing. And if you write a lot by hand, the ink in Mijia Pen could run out of ink after some time. While it can take a while to finish the ink in this pen, it can happen nonetheless. Then you may wonder whether you can refill and keep using this pen or not.

If you want to keep writing with this pen after it runs out of ink, you can buy refill cartridges online. Then by simply switching the empty cartridge with the new one, you can keep writing with this pen. Currently it is possible to find packages of three refills for this pen for around $0.99 with $1.37 shipping.

Does Mijia Pen Have Different Ink Color Options?

When writing with a pen, sometimes you might need to use different colors. Aside from black ink, some users may want different color options such as blue and red. If this is also true for you, you might be wondering if Mijia Pen has different ink color options.

Unfortunately this pen only has black as the color option for its ink. Therefore if you are planning to use different colors, you might not get it with original refills. However it is possible to find refills with different colors such as red and blue that are not original, if you are fine with that. But if you want original refills that have ink with different colors, this pen does not have such an option as of now.

Mijia Pen Design

There are many different pens out there on the market with varying designs. When it comes to picking a pen, it is important to consider its design. Because a pen’s design can greatly impact its functionality. Also in some settings, like for business reasons, you might carry a pen with you that complements your style.

Even though Mijia Pen may not exactly be the type of pen appropriate for such settings, it still has a very nice looking design. Basically it is a minimalistic pen that does not have showy features. In fact, except for the small logo on the clip, there is no symbol or writing on the pen. As far as its color options, this pen is available as white.

Mijia Pen Price

Another factor that you might find worth considering is the price of Mijia Pen. Because even though it is a very nice pen, you might be wanting it to be affordable for you. If that is the case, you don’t need to worry at all.

Because it is possible to find this product online for prices as low as $2 or $3. However, depending on your country and the store you buy it from, the price can be around $6 or $7. Considering that it is a comfortable pen that writes quite well, it is not so expensive. But remember that this price may change over time.

Mijia Pen Pros and Cons

At this point, you might be starting to have an idea on whether it is a product that you may like or not. However, all the features that we have talked about might be making you confused, too. So here is a list of pros and cons of Mijia Pen for you to get a better idea.


• Comfortable to use and has a nice feel to it.
• Has good ink flow and writes really well.
• Simple and functional design.
• Long lasting, high quality and well built.


• The pen’s ink is only available in black color.
• The pen is only available in white color.
• Outer layer is somewhat prone to getting dirty.

Mijia Pen Review Summary

After checking out the features of this pen from its specs to design qualities and price, you might be starting to understand if you want to get it or not. However, you might also be having a tough time deciding with all the things to consider.

So let us summarize the features of this product in a concise manner. Basically, Mijia Pen is a high quality pen that writes with great flow and is comfortable to use. While it may have downsides like lack of color options, it can be a pretty nice pen option for many users.

What Are Mijia Pen User Opinions Like?

Since Mijia Pen is a high quality and very decent pen, this product has got many users who appreciate the product. There are many users who like the quality of this product and many of them praise this pen for its features.

However, there are also some users who don’t like this product for various reasons. For example, there are people who report not getting the writing smoothness they wanted or people who have leakage issues with the pen after some use. But there are also many users who love this pen for its design, functionality and more.

Is Mijia Pen Worth Buying?

Since we have learned a lot about this product with this detailed review, you might be wondering if this product is worth buying or not. If you are looking for a new pen and want a good one, this one may be a good option.

Mijia Pen is a highly functional pen with a simple and minimalistic design. So if you are planning to get a new pen, you might compare it with other options and decide if it is a good option to check out. After all, only you can decide if this pen is worth buying for you or not.

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