MIUI 13 may have Mi Sans on Global MIUI! Goodbye Roboto

New Mi Sans that introduced with MIUI 13 font is may also available on MIUI Global!

Xiaomi uses different fonts in Chinese and Global roms. The font used in MIUI in the past was Mi Lanting. Xiaomi created the new Mi Lan Pro VF font with MIUI 11. The biggest innovation Mi Lan Pro VF brought to the system was the variable font feature. With this feature, the thickness and thinness of the texts became adjustable. However, this feature was not used in Global MIUI. The reasons why it cannot be used in Global MIUI may be as follows. Roboto Variable font license could not be obtained. MiLanProVF font was not a Global compatible font. They may not have wanted to make it Global compatible again. However, MiSans includes all the characters, as the name suggests.

Mi Sans includes almost all global font characters. Mi Lanting and Mi Lan Pro VF did not have these characters. For this reason these fonts were not compatible with other languages. So this font was not available in Global rom. With these changes, Mi Sans can also be used on MIUI Global.

A book belonging to Mi Sans was shared in the picture shared on Mi Community today. In this book, there are line shapes and sizes of each character. This book actually describes the making process of Mi Sans font. It shows how much effort has been put into this font.

This is how MiSans font looks on MIUI 13. It’s obviously prettier than Roboto and Mi Lan Pro VF. A tutorial will come soon on how you can use this font on older MIUI versions.


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