MIUI 13 New Feature: Dynamic Theming Support (22.1.17)

The dynamic theming support feature of Android 12 is finally added to MIUI 13 with version BETA 22.1.17.

The monet, dynamic theming support feature, which is the first feature of Android 12, was added to MIUI 13 with the version of MIUI 13 22.1.17. With this feature, the device theme takes the base colors of the wallpaper. Seeing the colors we see on the wallpaper in the system gives us a more pleasant image. This unique and new feature has been added to MIUI 13.

Back in November, Mishaal Rahman told us on Twitter that some OEM companies, including Xiaomi, would use monet.

This feature currently only works with Google apps and other monet supported applications. We cannot change the colors of the system, settings, phone, messages (MIUI based apps) according to the monet feature. However, since Google applications make up the whole system, using this feature will cause a big look change in the system. So,dynamic theming support is coming to the entire MIUI system soon.

This monet system added to MIUI 13 does not yet support the regional color change found in the launcher. This feature will be added to MIUI 13 Launcher in future updates.


This feature added to MIUI 13 China may not be seen in the first versions of MIUI 13 Global. It is likely that it will also be added to MIUI 13 Global in versions such as MIUI 13.1.

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