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MIUI 13 will come on Mi 11 and Redmi K40 series on December 28th!

Xiaomi has stepped up its work for MIUI 13. Here are the devices that will receive the MIUI 13 Stable update on December 28.

Usually, the MIUI Beta version was introduced before the stable version. But things change in MIUI 13. As with MIUI 11, MIUI 13 Stable and Beta will be introduced on the same day. The devices in this article will use the Xiaomi 12 series stable version, while other devices will use it as beta. MIUI 13 stable tests started 1 month ago. The devices in this article have been testing the stable version of MIUI 13 for 1 month. Today, MIUI 13 V13.0.1.0 has been prepared for these devices. These versions will be released at the MIUI 13 launch on December 28.

Devices that will get MIUI 13 Stable on 28 December: Mi 11 Ultra, Mi 11, Redmi K40 Pro, Redmi K40 Pro+

Devices that may get MIUI 13 Stable on 28 December: Mi 10S, Mi 11 Lite 5G, Mi MIX 4, Redmi K40, Redmi K40 Gaming, Redmi Note 10 Pro 5G

Current MIUI 13 stable builds for these devices:

  • Mi Mix 4: V13.0.0.6.SKMCNXM
  • Mi 11 Ultra: V13.0.1.0.SKACNXM
  • Mi 11: V13.0.1.0.SKBCNXM
  • Redmi K40 Pro: V13.0.1.0.SKKCNXM
  • Redmi K40: V13.0.0.9.SKHCNXM
  • Redmi K40 Gaming: V13.0.0.1.SKJCNXM
  • Mi 10S: V13.0.0.5.SGACNXM
  • Mi 11 Lite 5G: V13.0.0.8.SKICNXM
  • Redmi Note 10 Pro 5G: V13.0.0.1.SKPCNXM

The V in MIUI version stands for Version. 13.0 means the code of the major MIUI version. The next 2 digits mean the MIUI build number (minor version). V13.0.1.0 is the build version ready for release. It means 1.0 build of MIUI 13. V13.0.0.5 means MIUI 13 version 0.5 and it is not ready. However, these 0.x versions can be released as stable beta.

It is expected to be released stable version on December 28 MIUI 13 for Mi 11 Ultra, Mi 11, Redmi K40 Pro, Redmi K40 Pro+, Mi 10S, Mi 11 Lite 5G, Mi MIX 4, Redmi K40, Redmi K40 Gaming, Redmi Note 10 Pro 5G . The devices that will have the beta version are Mi Mix FOLD, Mi Mix 4, Mi 11 Ultra / Pro, Mi 11, Mi 11 Lite 5G, Xiaomi Civi, Mi 10 Pro, Mi 10S, Mi 10, Mi 10 Ultra, Mi 10 Youth Edition , Mi CC 9 Pro / Mi Note 10, Mi Tab 5 Pro 5G, Mi Tab 5 Pro, Mi Tab 5, Redmi K40 Pro / Pro+ / Mi 11i / Mi 11X Pro, Redmi K40 / POCO F3 / Mi 11X, Redmi K40 Gaming / POCO F3 GT, Redmi K30 Pro / POCO F2 Pro, Redmi K30S Ultra / Mi 10T, Redmi K30 Ultra, Redmi K30 5G, Redmi K30i 5G, Redmi K30 / POCO X2, Redmi Note 11 5G / Redmi Note 11T, Redmi Note 11 Pro / Pro+, Redmi Note 10 Pro 5G / POCO X3 GT, Redmi Note 10 5G / Redmi Note 10T / POCO M3 Pro, Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G / Mi 10i / Mi 10T Lite, Redmi Note 9 5G / Redmi Note 9T 5G, It will be Redmi Note 9 4G / Redmi 9 Power / Redmi 9T, Redmi 10X 5G, Redmi 10X Pro. Of course, MIUI 13 will be exclusive to China in the first place, and the Global version will come later.

Xiaomi will not make too many visual changes with the MIUI 13 version. The infrastructure of the operating system, which has become quite stable with the MIUI 12.5 Enhanced version, will be arranged. Errors will be fixed in the operating system, which was written based on the faulty codes. MIUI 13, which will be quite similar to MIUI 12, will create the fastest Android experience. The most performance version of MIUI 13, which will be released in 2 different versions with Android 12 and Android 11 base, will come with Android 12.

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