MIUI 14 Coming Soon: First Leaks Appeared

In past we made many leaks about MIUI 13 when we found anything about it before it’s release. Well on one of the system apps we just spotted MIUI 14 on the codebase of it. Continue reading the article to see the all information about it.

Code that has detail about MIUI 14

We decompiled the app for you all and found the code on the decompiled app itself. You can check the image below.

The code above is basically doing this in short terms;

Checks if the nuwa codenamed device(Mi 13) has MIUI 14 or higher, and if it does shows the STK(SIM Toolkit) icon on the interface, in shorter terms basically checks for MIUI 14 on the system app itself.

More details

We already made leaks about the new devices that are coming Xiaomi 13(nuwa) in short terms”, and this is related to that as well.

When they ended the support for Mi 9, they started MIUI 13 builds, apps, and so on. So yet again our guess is that as Mi 10 gets it’s end of life they are starting the beta builds of MIUI 14 and slowly updating the system apps to adapt it. Mi 10 got MIUI 13, and so our guess is that it will be the last MIUI or Android update that it will be taking. Although keep in mind, this is our guess, and nothing is confirmed yet.

When we will see MIUI 14 builds?

Our guess is that we will see the MIUI 14 itself on August 16. Although theres a high chance that with MIUI 14 release we will probably see the other 2 phones on November which was named as “nuwa” and “fuxi” with it as well. As almost 12 years passed from the first release of MIUI’s first version, that when we hit August 16 it will be exactly 12 years after MIUI’s first release, and so that is our guess that MIUI 14 builds will be started on August 16.

Are there any more details?

Unfortunately not yet, we couldn’t find anything related to MIUI 14 on the other apps. We thought that they will release MIUI 13.5 as how they did with MIUI 12.5, and so we already made articles about 13.5. You can check them go get more details about it.

We might as well see a different UI design on the all apps, as we already see that we are getting different interface designs on the newer apps, such as clock app which we also write an article about it. Although there might be more updates related to it when other system apps get updated. You can also check other updates on our Xiaomiui Telegram channel.

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