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The interface of MIUI clock app has been updated!

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Xiaomi has been publishing new updates on more and more devices. The clock app present on MIUI devices gets a refreshed look. In this article we have the interface of clock app with V13.25.0 version number. Xiaomi typically updates the system apps after a period of time because of that the apps remain unaltered for a long time. We got some screenshots of the new interface here.

Renewed look of MIUI clock app

Xiaomi made very minor changes here. We have a comparison between old and new versions. Black screenshots present the old version of clock app. Download link of the new clock app is given at end of the article.


The top bar has not changed, but the text font used for alarms has been altered to a bolder one.



The time under the clock page has been moved to the center and like on the alarms page, the time of any city is displayed on the left. That movement makes the clock app consistent between different pages.


Very minor UI differencies here and as same as on other pages, a bolder font is used here as well.

Download new MIUI Clock app

New version of clock app was updated on “MIUI System Updates” channel on Telegram. Get the APK file here.

It isn’t certain but renewal of the system apps might show that Xiaomi warms up a newer version of MIUI. It could be either MIUI 13.5 or MIUI 14 but it’s very hard to mention anything certain at the moment. So what do you think about new clock app? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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