Download All MIUI 14 Wallpapers Collection – 4 Sets & 28 Walls

Xiaomi introduced many products at today’s introduction event. Xiaomi 13 series, Xiaomi Buds 4 and Xiaomi Watch S2 are among the products have been released. Xiaomi has delayed the introduction event of Xiaomi 13 series and thankfully everything new about the devices are here. Click the links we provided if you want to learn more about Xiaomi 13 series or Xiaomi Buds 4 and Xiaomi Watch S2.

MIUI 14 brings a new style of design with its unique icons. Xiaomi also releases a new set of wallpapers when newer version of MIUI has released. MIUI 14 will be available on many devices in the upcoming days. You can learn if your device will get MIUI 14 by clicking this link: Xiaomi introduced the new MIUI 14. Here are all the devices that will get MIUI 14!

MIUI 14 allows you to change size of the icons on your home screen. You can set the icon size of your favorite apps to large, while you can use smaller ones that you don’t use often. Some Android manufacturers also feature this option.

MIUI 14 Wallpapers

We have 28 new wallpapers to share with you. All the wallpapers have a very similar aesthetic but different colors. You will be able to use these wallpapers once Xiaomi releases MIUI 14, but you can download MIUI 14 wallpapers from here!

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