MIUI 13 Brings New MIUI Health App

With the new MIUI Health app, Xiaomi aims to remove the reliance on Mi Fit, Xiaomi Wear and other wearable accesories apps.

Xiaomi has created a new beta program for the MIUI Health app. People who enter this beta program can use the new MIUI Health application. @miuibetainfo found the solution to be able to use the application without logging into the Beta program.

The old MIUI Health application had 2 main menus. One of them is Dashboard and the other is Workouts. The new MIUI Health Beta application has 4 menus. Dashboard, Workouts, Devices and My Account.

In the Dashboard section; we can see our own character, follow health status and daily activities like old app. The mascot here made a different atmosphere to the MIUI Health application.

In the Workouts section, a simpler and plainer interface was preferred compared to the old application. We can select the activity we want to do and start the timer.

In the Devices section, we can add devices and adjust all settings, charge, vibration, as in the Mi Fit application. We can also see the wearable accessories supported by the MIUI Health application here.

In the last section is my account. We can see our profile name, profile picture, vibration settings and various application information.

MIUI Health shows us how close we are to MIUI 13 and the traces of the new design language. This update of MIUI Health is currently exclusive to China and may not come to Global MIUI.

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