MIUI China Beta 21.12.4 Reported Bricking Mi 11

Apparently a china MIUI user reported that using MIUI China Beta 21.12.4 bricked their device out of curiosity.

They claimed to did nothing other than was playing a game, and it just died like that.
miui china beta 21.12.4
This is what they saw at first. Phone tries to boot normally with this screen.
And this is what happens later on. Phone just says “System has been destroyed” and bricks out.
Please any other user of 21.12.4 report if you had the same issue after updating to it. And if you didn’t update yet, please don’t update until it’s confirmed that issue has been located and fixed.

But also it’s unknown that it might be that user did something unknown as well, as that’s what some people are saying on the comments.

Link to original post

Please report us also any other issues if you see any in 21.12 4.

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