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MIUI India is going through regulations on Google services!

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MIUI India has to go through a radical change, because there has been a significant change in laws of India, in fact, this is a change that affects all phones in India. Because India has made an important regulation in its Mobile Applications Distribution Agreement (MADA) contract. Accordingly, the number of forced bloatware applications in Google Mobile Services (GMS) has been greatly reduced for India region.

MIUI India will only comes with Google Play!

As with many other manufacturers, Xiaomi’s MIUI roms are divided into certain variants; (China, Global, India, EEA, Russia, Turkey, etc.) ROMs contain certain conditions according to each country’s own Mobile Applications Distribution Agreement. So, Google had to make changes as per the IMADA contract issued by India government.

MADA requires eleven Google apps (Search, Chrome, Gmail, Photos etc.) But now, IMADA only needs Google Play Store and all essential services required for apps using Google APIs to work properly and the rest is up to OEMs to decide. gives. So in this direction, MIUI India will contain less Google applications, just like Taiwan and Indonesia roms.

Another change is that IMADA does not require OEMs to include a Google search bar, Google folder or Play Store icon on the home screen unlike MADA. As in the European region, IMADA-covered devices with the Google Search app will require a default search app selection prompt during setup wizard. A similar incident happened recently.

Google has to apply this change to all companies in India region, accordingly, we will see applications such as MIUI Dialer and MIUI Messages by default in Xiaomi’s MIUI India ROM in the coming days. These Google apps will no longer be required on the device. The same is true for other brands, and this conditioning has to come into play in Q2 2023.

So, what do you think about this subject, do not forget to comment your opinions below and stay tuned for more.

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