MIUI Themes app got banned from Play Store [Updated: Problem Fixed]

MIUI is a user interface customization platform developed by Xiaomi. It has become the most popular mobile operating system in recent years. However, the company’s “Themes” application began to be seen as dangerous by Google Play Protect.

The problem seems to have been present last week and more users are now confirming that it is real. The reason why Google Play Protect considers “Themes” app as malware is still unknown. Xiaomi has eliminated this problem with the new update of the application it has released today. If you are still having this problem, what you need to do is to install the V2.1.0.3-global version of the application on your smartphone.

Of course, there is a solution for this too, if the theme application is disabled, here is the solution to turn it back to the old: Go to Setting ->App->Manage App->click 3 dots from the upper right corner -> Reset app preferences. You need to give permission for some apps after resetting app preferences

You have enabled the Themes app, but Google Play Protect still shows “danger”. If you are wondering how to fix this problem, you can solve the problem by installing “V2.1.0.3-global” version of the themes application on your device. You can download the new themes application released by clicking here.

Xiaomi fixed this issue by quickly updating it and users are now happier with the new themes app released. We have come to the end of our article about the theme application. Do not forget to follow us for such news.

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