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Most Useful Xiaomi Phone Accessories!

Accessories! It almost adds a different color to the phones. Headphones, watches, bands, powerbanks, etc. When it comes to Xiaomi, there are plenty of accessories available.

We have listed the must-have Xiaomi accessories for Xiaomi users for you. Let’s get started then.

FlipBuds Pro

When it comes to accessories, the first thing that comes to mind is, of course, headphones. and Flipbuds Pro, much more than just a headset.

Qualcomm QCC5151 chip is available in FlipBuds Pro, it is a Qualcomm’s flagship. An energy-efficient chip, aptX Adaptive Dynamic support, Active Noise Cancellation technology provides a maximum noise reduction of 40 dB(A). and reduces background noise by up to %99. FlipBuds have a small and stylish design.

In the TWS field, it is quite cheap and also premium. Includes Bluetooth 5.2, 11nm super balanced speakers, ANC chipset and dual-device connection support. Really great on battery, Fast charging support is available. It offers 7 hours of continuous use on a single charge and offer 2 hours of use with a 5 minute charge. The earbuds box takes 35 minutes to fill and the earbuds box also supports Qi wireless charging.


Now it has a price starting from $160, which is really cheap compared to its competitors. A great choice for a Xiaomi user!

Mi Watch

Smartwatches have become very popular lately. If you are a Xiaomi user, a smartwatch will be very compatible with your phone. Here Mi Watch does an excellent job at this.


This smartwatch, introduced in September 2020, has a 1.39 inch AMOLED screen. It offers comfortable use during the day with its 450 nits screen. Bluetooth 5.0, GPS and GLONASS are available. With a modest weight of 32gr, the watch is waterproof up to 5 ATM and for 10 minutes at 50 meters. It is very useful with its 420mAh battery and wireless charging feature.

You can monitor your body closely with calorie tracking, SpO2 indicator, stress, energy and sleep level meter. Available in 3 colors, cream, blue and black. Price starts $140.

Mi Band 6

If smart watches are expensive, there is an alternative. I’m talking about Mi Bands. Let’s take a look at Mi Band 6, the newest of the Mi Band series, which is extremely cheap and very useful.

1.56 inch 326 PPI AMOLED full-screen Mi Band 6 has a perfect battery. Band offers exactly 2 weeks of use on a single charge! It is waterproof up to 50 meters, it can monitor heart rate, blood oxygen density and breathing exchange. Has a 6 color options (Black, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Olive Green, Ivory) with its stylish design and 30 fitness modes. By opening the Mi Fit application on your Xiaomi device, you can fully synchronize your Mi Band with your device.

It has an extremely cheap price of $40. If you are a Xiaomi user, it is a choice that will add color to your life.

Mi Wireless Powerbank Essential

As the name of the powerbank suggests, “essential”. Yes, if you are using your Xiaomi device heavily during the day and suddenly running out of battery is a disaster for you, Mi Powerbank is one of the most “essential” accessories for you.

10000mAh capacity powerbank supports 18W fast charging. There is also support for 10W Qi wireless charging. It can charge two devices simultaneously, wired / wirelessly. Powerbank fully charges in 4 hours.

There are two color options (black and white) and weighs 230gr. It has a cheap price of $15. Ideal for you if your phone has a fast draining battery.

Mi Casual Daypack

You need a bag to carry so many Xiaomi accessories. Here is the Mi Casual Daypack.

Compact size, large storage space. Class 4 waterproof. With its lightweight design of 170 grams, it will not burden you extra. Stylish and versatile. It has main, front and side pockets. You can easily carry your belongings.

Price starts from $10 and many color options available.

Make your life easier with Xiaomi accessories compatible with Xiaomi devices.

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