New Biggest Xiaomi Mijia Air Conditioner: Xiaomi started crowndfun

New Xiaomi Mijia Air Conditioner unveiled from Mijia. Mijia is a sub-brand of Xiaomi that usually makes home appliances that can make your life easier. The Mijia Air Conditioner 3 HP was unveiled on March 30 and started crowdfunding at a price of 6499 yuan. It is which allows you to breathe perfectly clean air, has features and awards that will attract your attention.

Breathing polluted air poses a risk to your health, you should breathe clean air as much as possible. Generally, houses are not well ventilated, so you breathe the polluted air during the day. Even if you open the windows, you cannot get fresh air around 24/7, so an air conditioner with air purification is a very good choice. With Xiaomi Mijia Air Conditioner, you can provide fresh air for you need and live a healthy life.

Xiaomi Mijia Air Conditioner

Xiaomi Mijia Air Conditioner Technical Specs

The Xiaomi Mijia air conditioner has a compressor developed by Mijia and manufactured by Panasonic. Xiaomi’s patented air conditioning technology, together with the centrifugal turbo, can provide enough oxygen for the whole house. The air duct optimization technology ensures low noise and large air volume with high efficiency. The anti-condensation technology developed by Xiaomi prevents the backflow and condensation of cold air. Xiaomi Mijia air conditioner can deliver up to 215m/h of fresh air. Thanks to the high air volume, the Xiaomi Mijia Air Conditioner can completely clean the air in the room within 24 minutes.

Xiaomi Mijia Air Conditioner

The air that comes out of the air conditioner does not blow directly. Thanks to the 1908 micropores, it creates gentle breezes like a natural wind, softening the cold air layer by layer. Ordinary air conditioners have high power consumption due to their inefficient compressors and cause high energy costs. For this reason, Xiaomi Mijia Air Conditioner offers a new level of energy efficiency and provides high energy savings.

Xiaomi Mijia Air Conditioner

The Xiaomi Mijia Air Conditioner is the best choice for your health. With its compressor that can provide high air volume and fresh air, and the high efficiency it offers, this product stands out from ordinary products. You should definitely buy the Reddot 2022 Design Award winning Mijia Air Conditioner.

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