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New MIUI 13 Camera brings new UI, improved processing

Xiaomi’s software team just released an update for the MIUI 13 Camera app, and it brings minor changes to the UI, and improves image processing. Let’s check it out!

MIUI 13 Camera UI changes

The UI change isn’t major, but its noticable. The zoom buttons are now filled-in instead of transparent.

Image processing changes

The new camera has an improved image processing AI, and it makes a slight difference, its not too noticable, but hey, atleast it’s better. Here are a few samples.

New UI Change while zooming

This also isn’t a major change. It’s just only that UI of the zoom interface is changed.
zoom old
zoom new
In old one, the pre-zoom buttons were in top and inside the camera view layout, meanwhile in new one, it’s vice versa and not inside of camera layout, which is a bit more one-handed friendly and more peaceful to the camera view.

New name on volume buttons function

In new MIUI 13 Camera, the volume buttons function, there’s a countdown option, which it’s name also got changed with the update.
count down option old
count down option new
In old one, it was named as “Shutter countdown”, meanwhile after the new update, it’s now named as “Timer (2s)”.

So, while this isn’t a major update, it’s still a nice. You can download the new MIUI camera here. If you downloaded it and don’t know how to install it, you can refer to our system app updating guides.
You can download the new camera app from our MIUI System Updates channel.

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