MIUI Launcher: Features, Details and Download APK [Updated: April 8, 2023]

The users that are new to Xiaomi’s software usually find themselves struggling around the options as usually there is many. Some of them are understandable but some of them are confusing, and can be misunderstood.

This article will explain you all details as far as we can according to the MIUI 14 Launcher features. If you’re stuck with an option that you don’t understand or don’t know about, you can find it in this article.

MIUI Launcher Features

This section of the article will explain you all features as far as we can seperately by details.


In MIUI 14 version of MIUI Launcher, you can set a widget-sized folder size.


It’s the homescreen itself, there’s nothing much to explain, pretty straightforward. Just like any other launcher, it supports basic features for customization.

Edit mode

This is a mode where you can drag multiple icons at once for easier editing, also you can shake your device in edit mode to arrange all icons as well. To enter edit mode, you just need to hold an empty space on home screen or do a zoom-out gesture on the home screen.

MIUI Launcher Settings

There’s two sections of settings in here, one is a small pop-up that will show you only commonly used options, and another page where it contains full settings.


The pop-up one has simple options, and so we will explain them here as well. changing transition effects, changing default home screen, hiding icons of the apps, changing grid layout of the icons, fill the empty icons when an app is uninstalled, locking home layout, and a more button that opens the full settings app.

Change transition effects

This is an option to change the animation when you slide between the pages on the homescreen.

Change default home screen

This is an option to choose the default page when you tap home button twice.

Don’t show text

This option is used to hide the app titles of the icons when it’s enabled.

Remove text from widgets

When this option is enabled, it removes text from under widgets.

Home screen layout

This option changes your home screen grid layout to a bigger/smaller one.

Fill cells of uninstalled apps

This option will automatically arrange the icons whenever you uninstall an app so that it doesn’t make your home screen look bad when you uninstall an app.

Lock home screen layout

When this option is enabled, you cannot do anything to change the layout of the home screen, such as adding new icons, deleting old ones, dragging icons, etc.


This is just a button to open the full settings page.


We will skip the ones that are explained in pop-up as they are same.

Default launcher

This option changes your default launcher, and so you can choose the others from here that you downloaded.

Home screen

This option will let you to enable/disable the app drawer or enable lite mode the home screen.

App vault

This option enables/disables the app vault page that is all the way left on the pages on your home screen.

Animation speed

This changes how fast the app launch/close animations are. And also this option is not supported by all devices.

System navigation

This option let’s the user to disable gestures and use the 3 button navigation, or vice versa.


This option let’s the user to change the icon style and size.

Global icon animations

This option enables/disables the icon animations on 3rd party apps(if they support it).

Arrange items in recents

This option will let you to change the arrangement of recent apps, vertical or horizontal.

Show memory status

This option will enable/disable the memory/RAM indicator on the recent apps section.

Blur app previews

This option will let the user to blur an app’s preview on the recent apps for privacy if the user is being spied.

App vault

There’s 2 types of widgets/app vault section on MIUI Launcher, one is the new one which is enabled for only high-end devices, and old one for low-end devices. We will also explain you how to enable it for low-end ones along with other locked features as well.

Enable disabled features

So as you might have noticed, MIUI Launcher disables some features on some devices due to their hardware. There is a way to enable these options back, but it requires root. You can refer to our guide below to see how to do it.

Installing SipolloLauncher Mod

  • Go to here and download the latest SipolloMod MIUI Launcher.
  • Download the module, enter Magisk, and flash the module.
  • Reboot the device.


On here we listed both stable and alpha versions of MIUI Launcher. MIUI 14 Launcher is new. This means you can face unexpected errors and bugs. MIUI 14 Launcher is extracted from Xiaomi 13.


Download Latest MIUI 14 Launcher V4.39.9.6276-03242129


Can you install the stable MIUI Launcher app to alpha, vice versa and such?

    • Yes and no. In some cases it works, in some it breaks. We don’t recommend trying it out.

How do I update the MIUI Launcher if my phone is no longer getting updates?

I accidentally installed a version that is different than my MIUI region

  • If it still works fine, then you can keep using it like that. If not, you need to uninstall updates of the MIUI Launcher app. If you can’t, you need to factory reset the device.

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