Nothing CEO Carl Pei trolls Lei Jun on Twitter!

Just a couple days before the Xiaomi 13 series introduction, Lei Jun tweets about the release date of Xiaomi 13 series and CEO of Nothing, Carl Pei trolls Lei Jun! CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun shared a post about Xiaomi 13 series on Twitter. You can learn more about introduction Xiaomi 13 series from this link: Xiaomi 13 Series Global Launch will be on February 26th!

Nothing’s Carl Pei trolls CEO of Xiaomi

Lei Jun tweeted about Xiaomi 13’s release date by asking when it will happen to ChatGPT, a well known AI software. The post was all about ChatGPT failed to answer Lei Jun’s question.

ChatGPT was unable to provide an answer since its database did not include the information on events that occurred after 2021. Artificial intelligence requires a great deal of data to be processed to give accurate results and even improve the software itself. Since it’s not easy to constantly add something new to the database, what ChatGPT software knows is limited to a specific time frame.

Carl Pei questions Lei Jun with “Do you know how AI model training works?” in a way that was kind of demeaning to Lei Jun. Lei Jun hasn’t replied Carl Pei’s question but this conversation took attention by many tech enthusiasts.

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