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Open any apps on windows with Game Turbo (With ROOT!)

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Some people might need to multitask with two apps combined, one on a window and one as the base app. Game Turbo can open any apps on windows inside its code alright, but it doesn’t have the feature outside, well, only for games. We will show you how you can open any apps on windows with the Game Turbo feature. This guide will require root for your software.

Open any apps on windows: The Basics

We need to know why we need to open apps in windows first to get the basics. Multitasking is the new system of practical work, You can see, that the biggest multitasking method in PCs is to have multi-monitors. Even Microsoft with their newest Windows 11 is aiming on making the best multitasking works by their Snap system that automatically adjusts your windows in design to use several windows in one monitor.

In Android and iOS devices, mostly, tablets, this method works out well, the iPads are the best tablets that is using this window snapping method. Huawei is also working on this with both their Android-based EMUI and HarmonyOS systems.

The Requirements

We’re going to need some root and terminal knowledge to open this function properly. To open any apps on windows with Game Turbo, we have to root our device first. You can check how to root your device by clicking here. And then we have to install Termux on our device. Install Termux from the Google Play store by clicking here.

The Customization

After we’re done with rooting and installing Termux, we’re going to customize our Game Turbo to open any apps on windows properly. Here’s how:

  • Type “su” and accept the root prompt.
  • Write those three commands accordingly.
  • echo “$(pm list package)”/data/user/0/com.miui.securitycenter/files/gamebooster/freeformlist
  • sed -i “s/package://g” /data/user/0/com.miui.securitycenter/files/gamebooster/freeformlist
  • chmod 400 /data/user/0/com.miui.securitycenter/files/gamebooster/freeformlist
  • Reboot your device.

Open any apps on windows: The Conclusion

This is how you can use multitasking windows with Game Turbo. It is unknown why Xiaomi/Redmi didn’t include this setting in another app rather than Game Turbo, but it is a stunning function no matter what. Multitasking in a phone has so many uses. And it’s a must-do. Xiaomi will probably include a new app that focuses on multi-window usage as the updates go on.

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