Pass SafetyNet using Magisk 23

Use this easy trick to pass SafetyNet on Magisk 23 for Android 11 and below!

So, first of all, what exactly SafetyNet is for?

The SafetyNet API is a security feature of Google Play Services to provide security sensitive applications verification that the integrity of the device is not compromised, using an application programming interface. Software such as Magisk is able to fake the passing of SafetyNet.

You might remember that MagiskHide was gone with later versions after 23. Please downgrade to 23 first to follow this guide.

Downgrade to Magisk 23


  • Download both of the files from below.


  • Flash both of them in Magisk and reboot.


  • Enable MagiskHide in Magisk settings and then check if SafetyNet is passing. In most cases it was passing on most devices here. If it’s an API issue, use some other app to check SafetyNet. Magisk’s check can run into issues sometimes.
  • If didn’t pass, continue following the guide.


  • Download the MagiskHide Props by following the steps in the image above.
  • Reboot your phone


  • Start the props module by running commands above.
  • Press 1, then enter.
  • Press f, then enter.
  • Find your device’s model here and enter it. E.g mine was Redmi Note 8 Pro so I’m going to choose 25.
  • Find your device and enter it(please be careful about which region it is! Choose the one that is your device!).
  • Android version doesn’t matter here pretty much. Choose latest available one.
  • Press y and enter.
  • And lastly, press y and enter to reboot the device.


  • And as you can see here, it passes successfully on me now!

Zip File 1

Zip File 2

Now you can eat a burger at McDonals and relax out.

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