Google extends repair program for Pixel 8 device with vertical line, flickering display issues

Google confirmed this Thursday that it will extend its repair program for Pixel 8 units experiencing certain display-related issues.

The news follows several reports from users about various issues involving their Pixel 8 phones. It started with the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, which debuted in October last year. Nonetheless, as the month went by, issues about the phones’ displays began surfacing, ranging from uneven displays to flickering and vertical lines on screens.

Now, Google has acknowledged the problems, promising users that their Pixel 8 phones could qualify for its extended repair program.

“Today we’re announcing an Extended Repair Program for a limited number of Pixel 8 devices that may experience display related vertical line and flickering issues. Google is offering an Extended Repair Program to provide support coverage for affected Pixel 8 devices for 3 years after the date of original retail purchase.”

As mentioned before, however, the Pixel 8 that will qualify for the program has to meet certain requirements. The search giant shared that the devices’ display must exhibit flickering issues and vertical lines on the screen. Moreover, the company said that only devices with legit identifiers (e.g., IMEI, serial number) would be accepted. Phones that won’t pass these requirements, nonetheless, can opt for the company’s limited warranty.

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