Pixel Launcher Mods Module: Get More Options on your Pixel Launcher

As you might not know, Google added “themed icons” on Android 12. But, it doesn’t work with all icons yet. So, in this article, we will show how to get more themed icons on a rooted Android 12 device.


An Android 12 device rooted via Magisk, and uses Pixel Launcher as default on it’s launcher. The Pixel Launher one is not totally required, but it might cause issues if your ROM is using something else than Pixel Launcher as default.

How to do it

First of all, download the required module(thanks to TeamFiles). Also bootloop saver is recommended to flash incase of anything goes wrong.

Now that’s done, follow the process below to get more themed icons on Android 12. It doesn’t take much steps to do it.

  • Enter Magisk app.
  • On here, locate to the modules section, which is a puzzle piece icon on bottom right.
  • Tap “Install from storage”, as we will choose the module manually and not download from the repo of Magisk.
  • On the file chooser, choose the module you downloaded from above. Once you found it, tap on it.
  • It will install, so wait for it. Once it installs, tap reboot. Once the device boots, you should have more themed icons on Android 12.

And yeah, that’s it. It takes you easy 5 steps to get more themed icons on Android 12. Although if you do have an issue, you can continue reading the FAQ section below.


Why my all icons are still not themed?

It’s cause the module above contains over 600 icons, but as they are hand-made and not by an advanced AI, there’s still some unsupported icons.

Why all launchers are gone and my device is unusable after flashing the module?

As have been told above, it is recommended you try this on ROMs that has Pixel Launcher by default, and so it can cause issues and such on the ROMs that use something else than Pixel Launcher.

How do I root my Android?

You need to unlock the bootloader, and then install TWRP so that you can install Magisk.

I flashed the module and now my phone is bootlooping, what do I do?

You need to boot the device to TWRP/recovery, locate to /data/adb/modules section, and delete the folder of the module from there.

Or, if you flashed bootloop saver as writen in the post, it should automatically turn off all modules and boot the device fine, and therefore you can delete the module.

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