How to downgrade Magisk v24 to v23 without losing Magisk data

As you all know, with Magisk 24, MagiskHide was gone, which caused a conflusion for the users. Though theres an alternative named “Zygisk”, users are still getting confused as it doesn’t work the same way as MagiskHide.

What is MagiskHide? It’s a tool inside Magisk to prevent the apps from detecting root such as banking apps so that user can use root and these apps at the same time. But after Magisk v24, owner of Magisk, topjohnwu, started to work on Google which made him remove MagiskHide feature as it was over Terms of Service in Google. And if you did update to Magisk 24, and wanna go back to Magisk 23 again, there’s a way.

Our old guide was a way to downgrade, but with losing all modules and Magisk data by uninstalling and reinstalling. This guide will show how to overwrite the old one.


A PC is storngly recommended for this as it’s more safer than only using the phone.

  • You need to extract the current ROM zip of the ROM you’re using. In this case mine is CrDroid Android 11.

extracted rom

  • As you can see, there’s a file named “boot.img”. That is what we need exactly.
  • Copy that file to somewhere else, like directly under a dik(C:\ for example).
  • Be sure USB debugging is enabled in the device and authorized. Open a command shell in your PC.

command shell

  • Reboot your phone to fastboot by the command shown above. Be aware that the command might be different in other manufacturers.
  • As I copied the boot.img file to C:\ disk, I’ll use “C:\boot.img” path to flash it.

flash boot

  • Flash the boot image by the command shown above. I didn’t flash it as I’m already using Magisk v23.
  • Once it’s done, reboot to recovery of your phone with keycombo.
  • Flash the Magisk v23 zip that’s in “Downloads” section.
  • Once it’s done, reboot the device.
  • Rename the “” to “Magisk-v22103.apk” and install the APK file on your phone.

And that’s it. You should have Magisk 23 installed now.


Magisk v23 Zip

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