Play Store’s Play As You Download Feature Coming Soon for All Devices

Last year in July, Google has introduced the feature Play As You Download in Play Store that allows you to play certain games while they are still downloading for few specific devices. This feature is now announced to be released for all Android 12 devices. However, there are still caveats with it and we intend to fully inform you on it all.

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Play Store’s Play As You Download Feature

While this is a neat feature that will make the user experience much more enjoyable than before, this is still a feature that depends on game developers to function. Game developers need to do certain changes in their apps to make it compatible, such as putting critical files for the gameplay in first so that playing as downloading becomes possible.It is safe to say that these changes will take time and this feature is not even released for all Android 12 devices yet. Timeline has not been announced yet.

How Does it Play As You Download Feature Work?

Google indicates that Play as you download feature uses Android’s Incremental File System, a particular Linux virtual file system that can run apps while their binaries and resources are in the process of downloading. This file system is an Android 12 specific feature and therefore minimum Android version requirement starts with Android 12.

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