POCO F2 Pro Not Charging Solution: What to do if your phone is not charging?

POCO F2 Pro is a flagship smartphone launched by POCO in 2020 and released at an affordable price. POCO F2 Pro with AMOLED display has a pop-up front camera, giving it a larger screen-to-body ratio. POCO F2 Pro has a Redmi K30 Pro Zoom version that is only available on the Chinese market and has OIS support compared to the POCO F2 Pro.

POCO F2 Pro not charging issue is a chronic problem and can occur with many users. There are several ways to solve this problem, but you do not have to interfere with your phone’s motherboard and charging port. To solve the POCO F2 Pro not charging problem, it is enough to have electrical tape. There are some tools you should use when you remove the back cover and some internal parts of the phone.

Needed tools for POCO F2 Pro not charging issue

  • A smartphone repair kit (screwdriver, pry, etc.)
  • B7000 phone repair adhesive (for re-glue the back cover)
  • Heat gun or hair dryer (for removing back cover)

You can purchase the smartphone repair kit, B7000 glue and heat gun required for the repair on AliExpress. The repair kit costs approximately $10, the B7000 glue costs $2, and the heat gun costs approximately $35.

POCO F2 Pro Not Charging Fix

Step 1 – Turn off your POCO F2 Pro and start heating the back cover. The heating process will soften the adhesives, making it easier to remove the back cover.

POCO F2 Pro not charging issue solution
POCO F2 Pro Back Glass Heating

Step 2 – After the adhesive has softened, remove the back cover using a plastic ply or a credit card. Use the plastic tool in such a way that no part of the phone is damaged.

POCO F2 Pro Back Glass Removing

Step 3 – After removing the back cover, clean the old adhesive from the sides of the phone and the back cover. This is necessary so that you can apply the new adhesive.

Step 4Unscrew the motherboard cover and then carefully separate the cover from the phone.

Step 5 – Disconnect the charging port flex cable on the left side and the battery cable on the right side from the motherboard in the marked area in the photo.

Step 6 – Cut 4 pieces of electrical tape and stack them on top of each other. Then align them so that the charging socket is on top of the flex cable.

Step 7Unscrew the speaker above the charging socket.

Step 8 – Place the cut piece of tape on the flexible cable attached to the charging socket and screw the speaker.

Step 9Plug in the battery flex cable and then screw on the motherboard cover. Make sure all parts are in place so you don’t forget to screw on any parts.

Step 10 – To make sure that the POCO F2 Pro not charging issue is fixed, turn on your phone and connect the charging cable.

Step 11 – If your phone has started to charge again, you can re-adhesive the back cover and complete the repair.

This is the solution to POCO F2 Pro not charging problem. If your POCO F2 Pro does not charge, you can repair it by providing the necessary tools. After repair, the fast charging will not be damaged, you can continue to charge as before and continue to enjoy your phone.


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