POCO M3 and Redmi 9T won’t turn on. Here is the solution!

When you turn off the POCO M3 and Redmi 9T devices, it does not turn on again. Here is the temporary and permanent solution to this problem!

When we turn off Xiaomi’s problematic devices, Redmi 9T and POCO M3, they do not turn on again. When we connect it to the computer, it shows as Qualcomm HS-USB Loader 9008. While in this mode, you can normally install software, but this mode is not for installing software, but due to a manufacturing/software error in the Power Controller. There are multiple ways to solve this. Let’s examine the solutions to these problems.

If your Redmi 9T or POCO M3 doesn’t turn on,

1. Go To Mi Service Center

If your device is under warranty, take your device to Mi Service Center. Here they will exchange or return your device. If your device is in warranty, you can get rid of this problem free of charge. Xiaomi’s repairmen can handle this or replace the device.

2. Discharge Your Phone

The workaround to overcome this issue is to discharge your phone. P”hone is turned off, how will it run out of charge?” Don’t think so. Your phone is actually powered on and consuming power. However, the power consumption is quite low. All you have to do is put your device on the table without charging and wait a few days. If your battery is around 10%, the phone will be discharged in 1 or 2 days, if it is around 50%, in 7 days, if it is around 100%, in 14 days. To see if the phone is out of charge, it is enough to press and hold the power button of your phone sometimes. If its battery is discharged, you will see a battery icon on the screen. When you see this battery icon, you can plug your phone into charge and turn it on. We recommend that you do not restart until devices charge drops below 5%.

3. Repair PMIC (Power Management Intregrated Circuit)

If you good at phone repair, you can do the operations in the photo. This problem can be overcome by replacing 2 resistors inside the PMIC. After doing this, fast charging will not work on your phone. However, you will get rid of this problem. We recommend that only professionals try this method. Otherwise, your device may never turn on.

Open the back cover of the phone and remove the motherboard. Turn the bottom of the motherboard and heat the cover in the photo and remove it.

Remove two resistors marked in the photo. Place resistor number 2 in number 1’s place. Resistor 2’s place will remain blank.

The result will be like this. Then you can install other parts of the phone and turn it on.

Note: If you are going to try to open the phone by applying pressure to the motherboard, you will need to install the screws.

You can repair your Redmi 9T and POCO M3 devices that do not turn on thanks to these methods. We recommend that you do not purchase these devices. Try to get rid of these devices as soon as possible.




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