Properly upgrade your car’s sound system with a Roidmi 3S

Bluetooth technology is one of the common features in cars being introduced a few years, but not so common in cars launched in 2012 and earlier. There have been AUX or USB support instead, but these features are obsolete nowadays. Instead, effortlessly add Bluetooth support to your stereo.

Roidmi 3S may look like a conventional car charger, and it is, but it has an additional function. It has a built-in FM transmitter and a Bluetooth module. Two different technologies are used together, so you can listen to music by selecting the right frequency on the FM radio in your car by giving the music played by your smartphone to any FM channel.

Add Bluetooth support to old car stereo with Roidmi 3S!


The Roidmi 3S does not have a built-in microphone, so you can not take calls. But do not worry, it has plenty of extras. Thanks to the Mojietu application of the Roidmi 3S, you can view the battery voltage of your vehicle. This FM transmitter offers cleaner sound than ordinary products. High quality Bluetooth 4.2 and FM transmitter modules make this possible. The Roidmi 3S FM transmitter has two USB charging outputs and can supply a maximum of 5V 2.4A current.

Add Bluetooth support to old car stereo with Roidmi 3S!

Does Roidmi 3S work well in highly populated cities?

If you live in a densely populated city, listening to music with the Roidmi 3S may occasionally cause problems due to the many FM radio frequencies. That being said, it works well in sparsely populated areas and provides similar sound quality to AUX. This is a common problem, not only with Roidmi 3S, but with all FM transmitter products. Nowadays there are too many FM frequencies to count and they cause frequency pollution.

This product can give your car’s old stereo another chance and save you from buying a new one. The Bluetooth functions work well enough and can deliver sound quality that will make you happy. You can buy Roidmi FM transmitter on AliExpress for around $15-20.

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