Redmi 12C Global Variant real life images have appeared!

Xiaomi is a brand that is at the forefront of many product ranges. It designs new products according to people’s needs and aims to sell them at the lowest price. The new affordable smartphone from the Chinese smartphone manufacturer will be launched very soon. The smartphone we are talking about is the Redmi 12C.

A few months ago, it was already introduced in China. Now, this model will be available in the global market. Before it went on sale, Redmi 12C Global Variant real-life images, its box, and more have surfaced. The article is prepared for you to learn more about the Redmi 12C Global Variant.

Redmi 12C Global Variant Real Life Images

Redmi 12C is ready to go on sale in the global market. It is seen that the products have already been sent to some sales points. Redmi 12C Global Variant will be launched very soon. Before its introduction, the actual image of the device, its box, and more was revealed. Let’s take a look at some images of the affordable model MediaTek Helio G85 SOC!

There isn’t much to say. Redmi 12C will be introduced and available very soon. The 4GB RAM /128GB internal storage version appears above. This smartphone can easily handle a normal user. However, we can say that it will not make you happy in high-performance transactions.

Also, the rebranded version of the model will be on the POCO C55. The POCO C55 will be launched in India on February 21. If you are wondering about the features of the Redmi 12C, you can click here. So what do you guys think about the Redmi 12C? Don’t forget to share your thoughts.


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