Redmi Display 1A Pro Certified – Redmi’s newest monitor will be available soon

Xiaomi’s Redmi Display 1A has been on the Mi Online Store for only 2 months now, and Xiaomi is already working on a new Redmi-branded monitor, called “Redmi Display 1A Pro”. We previously wrote a review on the original Redmi Display, and gave it a good review too. Now, the Redmi Display 1A Pro has been officially certified. So, let’s take a look.

Redmi Display 1A Pro Officially Certified!

As we mentioned before, Redmi has finally gotten a certification on the Redmi Display 1A Pro, and it now appears on Certipedia’s website. We will get to the specs in a bit, so for now here’s more info on the certification.

According to Certipedia, currently the only certification that the Redmi Display Pro has is the “Low Blue Light certification”, which means that the device will feature a similar low blue light filter as the original Redmi Display. Due to that, we expect the Redmi Display 1A Pro to be similar to the previous Redmi Display 1A when it comes to the panel, except for the refresh rate, which we hope will be 144Hz or higher (it will most likely be 240Hz), and we also hope that alongside AMD FreeSync, that they will feature official Nvidia G-Sync functionality as well.

Currently, the Redmi Display 1A goes for around 700 Yuan on Xiaomi’s online store, but we expect the new Pro variant to start at around the 300$ / 1600 Yuan mark. We hope that this new Redmi monitor will lead to Xiaomi being a stronger player in the monitor market.

What do you think about the Redmi Display 1A Pro? Do you expect it to be a good monitor? Will you buy one? Let us know in our Telegram chat, which you can join here.

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