How many years will the Redmi K50 series update life last?

Today, Redmi has officially announced the Redmi K50 series, and users are wondering Redmi K50 series update life and we already knew a lot of things about them, but we’re still wondering many other things about them, such as the update cycle of the devices. Are you also wondering what the Redmi K50 series update life will be like? Let’s discuss that.

The Redmi K50’s black version.

Redmi K50 Series Update Life

The highly anticipated K50 series is finally officially released, but what will the update Redmi K50 series update life be like? Well, if we take older Redmi K series phones into consideration, the K50 series should receive atleast 2 major platform updates. The devices currently ship with Android 12 and MIUI 13 out of the box, but that won’t be the case after a while, since the devices will most likely receive two major platform updates, and three MIUI interface updates. The devices will receive Android 13 and 14, MIUI 14, 15, and as its last update, MIUI 16.

Redmi K50 Pro Display
Redmi K50 Pro’s display.

When will the Redmi K50 series receive Android 13 officially?

Well, the Redmi K50 series will be one of the first series of devices Xiaomi has released to receive the official stable Android 13 builds. The devices should receive the beta in around September, and the stable release in around December. We anticipate that the Redmi K50 Pro series and the Redmi K50 Gaming series to receive the update before the other devices in the series, though. However, the K50 shouldn’t take too long to be updated to Android 13 either. However, when it comes to MIUI, we’re not that sure when the devices will receive major interface updates.

Redmi K50 Green Color
The Redmi K50 in green.

How long will the Redmi K50 series be supported?

Considering Redmi still supports the Redmi K40 series, with the Redmi K30 series, and both devices from the Redmi K30/K40 series is still receiving Android updates, but neither series’ base model device is widely available at the moment, or even sold in major retailers, so the Redmi K50 series should be supported for a long while when it comes to software, but not long when it comes to support from Redmi, or Xiaomi. The device will receive updates, but won’t be sold in many retailers after a while. So if you’re looking for a device to rival Apple’s software support, the Redmi K50 series update life is probably not for you, but they are still amazing phones in their own rights.

Keep in mind that these Redmi K50 update life speculations, based on the update cycles of last-gen Redmi K series phones. You can learn more about the Redmi K50 series in our other articles, such as this one.

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