Redmi K50 vs Redmi K20: Don’t you think it’s time to upgrade?

Redmi K50 vs Redmi K20 old users will wonder about it. The Redmi K50 series, the newest phone in the Redmi K series, was introduced recently. Redmi’s K series smartphones started with the Redmi K20 series and Redmi K20 was introduced in May 2019. The Redmi K50 was introduced in March 2022. So how much has the Redmi K series changed in 3 years?

What are the differences between Redmi K50 vs Redmi K20?

We will compare Redmi K50 vs Redmi K20 under sub-titles. Here you can better understand the features that interest you.


One of the biggest differences between the two phones is the processor. The Redmi K20 uses the Snapdragon 730 chipset, while the Redmi K50 is powered by the Mediatek Dimensity 8100. In the Redmi K50 vs Redmi K20 comparison, the Redmi K50 performs much better.

Redmi K50 vs Redmi K20 Front Camera
Redmi K20 vs Redmi K50 Front Camera

The Snapdragon 730 features more detailed: 2 ARM Cortex-A76 main processors can reach speeds of up to 2.2 GHz, as well as 6 ARM Cortex-A55 coprocessors that can reach 1.8 GHz. These cores are manufactured with 8nm production technology. On the graphics processor side, the Adreno 618 was used.

The details of the Mediatek Dimensity 8100 are as follows: In addition to the ARM Cortex-A78 main processor, which can reach 2.85 GHz, there are 4 ARM Cortex-A55 coprocessors that can reach a speed of 2.0 GHz. These cores are manufactured with 5nm production technology. The Mali G610 MC6 processor was used as the graphics processor. If we compare Redmi K50 vs Redmi K20, this is the main reason to buy Redmi K50.


Both devices have AMOLED panels, but there’s a big difference. The Redmi K50’s 2K QHD+ display has a resolution of 1440×3200 pixels. The Redmi K20’s display is 1080×2340 pixels at 1080p FHD+. That’s not the only difference, the Redmi K50’s 2K display offers a refresh rate of 120Hz, while the Redmi K20 offers a refresh rate of 60Hz. The high refresh rate offers a smoother experience. As for brightness, when you put the two phones side by side, you can see that the Redmi K50’s screen is brighter. Because the Redmi K50’s display offers a brightness value of 1200 nits, while the Redmi K20’s screen can offer 430 nits of brightness.

Redmi K50 vs Redmi K20 Display
Redmi K20 vs Redmi K50 Display


There are also significant differences between the batteries of the two devices. The battery is one of the most important components of a device, and users want the battery to be high capacity when purchasing a phone. The Redmi K50’s battery is 5500 mAh capacity and this is really great value. The Redmi K20’s battery has a capacity of 4000 mAh. As the batteries grow, so do the charging times. The Redmi K50’s battery supports 67W fast charging and keeps the filling time quite short. The Redmi K20’s battery supports a maximum fast charge of 18W. Compared to current phones, this value remains low.

Redmi K50 Battery
Redmi K50 Battery


When it comes to camera, the main lens of both phones is also 48MP resolution. When it comes to other lenses, the total number of lenses of the two devices is 3. The Redmi K50’s 3 cameras are listed as 48+8+2 MP. The Redmi K20 has 3 lenses in the form of 48+13+8 MP. As for video, Redmi K50 can shoot 4K 30 FPS video. This value is the same as the Redmi K20. The camera of both devices can record at the same resolution and FPS. Redmi K20 is not far behind on this issue either. As a result of the Redmi K50 vs Redmi K20 comparison, the Redmi K50 is ahead with the OIS option. But as Telephoto and Ultra-wide, Redmi K20 is better.

At the end of the comparison, it is clear that the Redmi K50 is superior to Redmi K20 in most subjects. It’s no surprise that this happened because the Redmi K20 is a phone that came out three years ago. As software support, the Redmi K20 will not receive any more Android updates. The Redmi K50 comes with MIUI 13 based on Android 12.

So is the Redmi K20 still worth using?

The Redmi K20 is still capable of meeting the requirements for daily use. However, it is unable to perform and show the necessary strength to play up-to-date games. It also doesn’t receive any more update support, which causes it not to receive security updates. The biggest reason for the Redmi K50 vs Redmi K20 comparison is that it is a new generation SoC.

Redmi K20 2022
Redmi K20 in 2022

However, you can still use up-to-date Android versions with custom roms. Finally, if you’re not a gamer, the Redmi K20 will still do the trick, but it’s worth upgrading to Redmi K50 to play up-to-date games. If we compare Redmi K50 vs Redmi K20, Redmi K50 is better. However, in the Redmi K50 vs Redmi K20 comparison, I can say that according to the question, should we buy a new phone?



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