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Redmi K60 Gaming Won’t Be Launched, End of the “Gaming” Devices

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Redmi K60 Gaming won’t be launched, also Redmi’s “gaming” devices has already come to an end. New devices on the way for phone markets. And Xiaomi will introduce the new Xiaomi 13 series and MIUI 14 this Sunday (11 December). And Redmi will launch the new flagship Redmi K60 series with its launch in January 2023. However, the “Gaming” variants available in Redmi K40 and Redmi K50 series will probably not be available in the Redmi K60 series.

Redmi K60 Gaming Model No Longer Needed

Redmi General Manager Lu Weibing shares a post today from Chinese social media Weibo. Lu Weibing said, “You will no longer need a e-sports phones in 2023…” and that devices produced under the “gaming/e-sports” are unnecessary and useless, and that they are doomed to be abandoned in this direction. According to the post, Redmi hasn’t produce a device for e-sports players under the name “Redmi K60 Gaming” for the new Redmi K60 series. Of course, there are several reasons for this.

Lu Weibing states that this is unnecessary, and he is right. Today’s “flagship” devices are quite enough for mobile games, there is no mobile game that flagship devices using “Snapdragon 8 Gen” or “Mediatek Dimensity” chipsets won’t play. Screen refresh rates are also very ideal, so it would be unnecessary to produce a “gaming” phone in this direction. moreover, although the”gaming” phone designs are pleasing to e-sports players, they don’t appeal to end users (see Redmi K40/K50 Gaming).

This step taken by Redmi may be the end of all “gaming” devices on the market in the future, which is a logical step. The Redmi K60 series will includes of Redmi K60, Redmi K60 Pro, and Redmi K60E models. These devices will come with Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and Dimensity 8200 chipsets. Also, Redmi K60 Pro will be introduced on the global market as POCO F5. You can find all information we have about these devices from here. Don’t forget to give your opinions and stay tuned for more.

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