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Redmi K60 series: Redmi asked what users want

Redmi K60 series is approaching! Last month, Xiaomi released the Redmi K50 series, with very high end specs and a decent price. Now, Xiaomi’s Vice President, Lu Weibing, has started a Q&A on Weibo about the Redmi K60 series, about what users expect from the Redmi K60 series. The Q&A was started last night, and many users replied about what they want from the phones. Let’s see what the users that replied wanted!

The Q&A, as mentioned above, was started last night, linked here, and the post reads as:

“If you were asked to leave a message for the K60 to be released a year from now, what would you say?”

redmi k60 series q&a
Lu Weibing’s Weibo post about the Redmi K60 series.

The Weibo post started a decent discussion between Xiaomi fans, about what they want from the K60 series. Some users requested a metal frame for the device, claiming the plastic wasn’t good enough, while some users wanted a side-mounted fingerprint sensor. Some also said they didn’t want a punch-hole camera on the front, which is fair. Some wanted a higher quality camera, and more. We hope that these devices will follow these requests, as the K series arethe highest end Redmi devices Xiaomi makes.

The K50 Pro.

Once the Redmi K60 series eventually leaks, we will see if Xiaomi actually took the requests into consideration, but that wont be until a few more months. We will follow up to this article with every bit of information we get on the K60 series, once they eventually leak and we get more info on them.

You unfortunately can’t get a Redmi K60 at the moment, but you can get one of the Redmi K50 series, with their high end specs. You can read more about the devices in our articles, such as this one. The K60 series will, however, be released around the same time next year. We will keep you updated on the K60 series as much as we can.

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