What is the secret of Redmi K50 Pro’s good Screen? | Is it really good?

In last days, the sale of the Redmi K50 series has started and high sales figures have already been achieved in the first few minutes. One of the reasons for the high sales figures is undoubtedly the high quality of the screen. Besides that, there are factors like the high-end hardware and the affordable price.

Both models, Redmi K50 and Redmi K50 Pro, have a 2K resolution. Considering the price of the Redmi K50 series, which starts at 2399 yuan, the high resolution display is interesting and unprecedented at this price. The screen of the Redmi K50 Pro has a density of 526PPI and a high refresh rate of up to 120Hz in addition to the 2K resolution. DC dimming feature, HDR10+ and Dolby Vision certifications are a must for the Redmi K50 Pro’s display. The screens of the Redmi K50 series are based on Samsung’s E4 AMOLED flexible displays, also achieved A+ rating from DisplayMate.

What is the secret of Redmi K50 Pro's good Screen? | Is it really good?

How good is the screen of the Redmi K50 Series?

The fact that the Redmi K50 series screens have 2K resolution as well as more pixels is great news for users. Many people do not use the 2K screen yet, but we will see the 2K resolution standard more often on the Redmi K50 series and the new Redmi models that will be launched after it. 2K resolution displays offer clearer and more detailed images than ordinary FHD (1080p) displays. When HDR certification and other features are added to the high resolution, user satisfaction doubles. That is the reason why the display of the Redmi K50 series scores well on DisplayMate.


Recently, Lu Weibing announced that the cost of the Redmi K50’s 2K screen is too high. It is known that the cost of one 2K screen is higher than the cost of two FHD screens. The Redmi R&D team deserves thanks because the Redmi K50 series, which is cheap compared to its competitors, has an excellent display with 2K resolution.

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