Redmi Note 11 SE: First Redmi phone without a charger in the box!

We previously announced that the Redmi Note 11 SE will be introduced on August 26 earlier. Redmi Note 11 SE will be an India exclusive device. Read the related article here.

Redmi Note 11 SE

Redmi India team announced that the phone would be on sale on August 30. The phone introduction will be made on August 26. You can follow Redmi India’s Twitter account here. Redmi Note 11 SE will be available on official Xiaomi channels and Flipkart.

Redmi Note 11 SE: no charging in the box

As Apple pioneers the idea of no charger included in the package, some Android OEMs have begun to adopt similar attitude. Samsung removed the chargers from the boxes of its flagship devices firstly and then from its more recent Galaxy midrange phones.

It’s a strange step compared to other OEMs because Xiaomi offers super fast charging on the flagship models with a charger as well. They have started doing it on a Redmi phone. Xiaomi Mi 11 series don’t include a charger in the box, but customers could acquire one for free alongside the phone. The charger was thereafter started to be included in the Xiaomi 12 series’ box again.

Sadly Redmi Note 11 SE won’t come with a charger in the box as well. Official introduction of the phone will be held today. Read more about the Redmi Note 11 SE from here to see the specifications and more. What do you think about the brand new Redmi Note 11 SE? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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