Redmi Note 11T Pro+ becomes first LCD screen device to grab DisplayMate A+

Xiaomi is all set for its upcoming launch event which is scheduled for May 24th, 2022 in China. The brand will launch the Redmi Note 11T, Redmi Note 11T Pro, Redmi Note 11T Pro+ and Xiaomi Band 7 at the launch event. According to the previous leaks, the smartphones were supposed to feature an IPS LCD panel, and now the following news has been confirmed officially and the device has set a new benchmark for IPS LCD devices.

Redmi Note 11T Pro+ awarded with DisplayMate A+ certification

The brand has officially announced that the Redmi Note 11T Pro+ has been recognized with the DisplayMate A+ certification, alongside the headline it also confirms that the device will flaunt an IPS LCD panel. The device has set a new benchmark for the IPS LCD powered displays as it has become the first smartphone with an IPS LCD display to grab the A+ certification from DisplayMate. The title isn’t for the name, it does offer some interesting and industry-first features on an IPS LCD display.

LCD displays, according to Lu Weibing, can perform admirably. Most manufacturers, however, are unwilling to work hard on LCD and use public-domain solutions. Deep customization is required to achieve an A+ level display. Redmi had to use the flagship OLED standard to build the LCD display for the Redmi Note 11 Pro+.

Many OLED technologies cannot be translated to LCD due to differences in screen principles. Furthermore, industry resources are shifting toward OLED. As a result, many of the features we desire do not have ready-made solutions. The Note 11T Pro+ supports a 144Hz 7-speed shift, primary colour screen, true colour display, Dolby Vision, and a series of flagship display adjustment technologies, according to Lu Weibing. On May 24, this smartphone will be officially released.

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